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Fortran + Windows
Indowsway Software has designed
RealWin for programmers who want to create applications for Microsoft Windows using Fortran. RealWin is a custom library with the features required by demanding clients. You can order your own special features or just use the powerful, existing features. Take your Fortran programs and turn them into Windows applications. With RealWin your users can now run your programs using familiar Windows interfaces and menus.

With RealWin you won't get bogged down with mixed-language programming because all your coding is in Fortran. Using RealWin's powerful set of Fortran interface routines, you gain easy access to the Windows API. With the RealWin routines, you can create full-featured applications for Microsoft 32-bit Windows platforms. RealWin is the only way to get from Fortran to Windows.

To find out more about RealWin's features and to discover how easy it is to use this software, visit the other sections of this web site. To read details about RealWin's features and user testimonials see our online brochure

"You wrote that in Fortran?!!"
That's what people say when they see an application for Windows built with RealWin. Many don't think you can write a custom Windows application in Fortran. Sure, you can get some menus and dialog boxes from one of those graphics packages, but to get any flexibility you need Visual C++ or Visual Basic or Delphi. NOT TRUE! RealWin lets you make powerful Windows applications without getting stuck in the quagmire of mixed-language programming.

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