Window Dressing for your Fortran Programs

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If you want to convert your Fortran software programs into Windows applications or add a friendly user interface to your applications, you should be using Indowsway's RealWin software. Code and programs written in FORTRAN 77 or Fortran 90 can become a Windows, Windows 95 or NT program by using RealWin. Add menus and graphics to your Fortran programs as you convert them to Windows 95 and Windows NT programs. One of the key features of RealWin is that you are able to write all of your code in Fortran. Take your RealWin produced code and compile it with any of the popular Fortran 90 compilers and software. You can use Lahey Fortran compilers, Intel Fortran compilers, Absoft Fortran 90, and other Fortran 90 compilers and language systems.

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Programmers who have applications written in Fortran and compiled with Microsoft, Lahey, Digital, Visual Fortran, Salford, Absoft, NAG, MicroWay, Cray, VAX, MS Powerstation, or other FORTRAN 77 or Fortran 90 compilers should use RealWin to update their programs.